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::+My Top 10 Favorite Cats+:: by Apple-Rings ::+My Top 10 Favorite Cats+:: by Apple-Rings
Well here is my 10 Favorite Cats there is not much to explain since most of you folks know who they are

#10 Hello Kitty Sanrio's mascot and of course you gotta love her stuff >w<

#9 Sylvester I truly like him a lot for trying to get Tweety as well being a good role model for his son

#8 Tom same as Sylvester when he tries to get Jerry however there have been moments they have formed alliances

#7 Lucifer I know I am not supposed to fall for the Villain's pet but I find him silly & for once he asked the mice for help when he wanted to woo Pom-Pom in Cinderella II plus his design was based on Ward Kimball's Cat

#6 Dinah true she only appeared in the beginning and ending of Alice in Wonderland but still she was so cute >w<

#5 Figaro I really enjoy this cute little guy in Pinocchio and even more in the shorts when he became Minnie's pet playing the sometimes foe of Pluto

#4 The Kittens of The Aristocats they are just so adorable and I can relate to Marie being the only girl in the family but I love the adventure they went through with their mother, Duchess and O'Malley to get back home

#3 Luna Artemis and Diana of Sailor Moon growing up watching this series as a kid and still do as well as reading the manga. Artemis has to be my favorite of the 3 because he isn't taken seriously by Luna but she really does care about him and Diana is just so precious

#2 Kyo from Fruits Basket I know that he's a human who turns into a Cat when hugged by a girl (i.e. Tohru) or under a great deal of stress. I know he has harsh temper due to not being able to be part of the Chinese Zodiac & having to fight Yuki who turns into the Rat well I won't spoil much to those hasn't read the manga or seen the Anime on certain parts

My #1 favorite cats are..........................NEKOTALIA part of the Hetalia fandom that I love true they do have resemblance to the Nations themselves however seeing only a few we know so far are cute I hope the rest of these adorable kitties >w<

Meme by (C) :iconaustria-man:: [link]
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Steampunky-Bunny-Boo Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist
What's funny is I could name all of those kittys x3333333333333
Apple-Rings Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay x333333333333
Austria-Man Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Thank you so much for using my meme! I have Sylvester and Tom in my own list too.
Apple-Rings Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're Welcome~
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April 17, 2013
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